If you or someone you know is in immediate danger of harming themselves or someone else, please call 911

About Us

This group is comprised of various sectors from Wyoming County including community members, survivors of suicide and human service professionals who dedicate themselves towards the mission & vision of promoting awareness and supporting community-wide suicide prevention efforts.

2020 Remembrance tree

A Brief History

2020 Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk

2006 – The Wyoming County Suicide Prevention Taskforce was developed in response to a need to address suicide prevention in the county.

2007 – First Suicide Prevention Awareness walk held in September which is the National Suicide Prevention month.

October 2012 – CUP OF JOE was established. This campaign works with Wyoming County restaurants for 2 weeks to disperse information about suicide prevention and where to get help. Customers receive a FREE cup of coffee with a coupon that details information and resources.

December 2012 – First Memory Tree of Life event was started. This is an opportunity we invite community members to complete memory tags for lost loved ones. We hang the tags on the tree and have a brief ceremony to celebrate those we miss throughout the holiday season.

June 2014 – A LIVE tree was planted beside the Mental Health Department for the annual Memory Tree ceremony.

July/August 2014 – The Taskforce evolved into a Coalition and a new Logo & Motto were established.

September 2014 – First Suicide Prevention Forum to educate the community on the prevalence of suicide in Wyoming County and to promote vital local resources.

October-November 2014 –3rd annual CUP OF JOE

January 2015 –Launch of WycoSuicidePrevention.com

September 2016 – 10th annual Wyoming County Suicide Prevention Awareness walk

December 2018--We take Cup of Joe to the neighborhood by encouraging the community to share a cup of coffee and conversation with a neighbor.

2019--We are trained by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention in Talk Saves Lives, A Brief Introduction to Suicide Prevention, and share this training with community members throughout Wyoming County.